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Boston Red Sox Related Entries

<< 2015-02-26   |   2015-02-27   |   2015-02-28

Happy Birthday Ralphie

Today is Ralph Nader's 81st birthday and I for one would like to wish him a happy birthday and thank him once again for taking those votes away from Al Gore in the 2000 election. Nader got 3% of the vote nation-wide and who knows how many votes in...

Hanley Ramirez more likely to change positions than Pablo Sandoval

Although seemingly everyone assumes Pablo Sandoval will move off third in the next few years, the other new member of the lineup is more likely to change positions. It’s bigger than Sweet Caroline, Dirty Water and Fenway Franks all put to...

Red Sox have 6th-highest international budget for 2015-2016

This is going to require some explanation, however. The budgets for the 2015-2016 international signing period, beginning this July 2, were released by MLB, and the Red Sox have the sixth-most to...

Top 5 - Ways to Speed Up MLB Games

How to speed up MLB games seems to be a big topic on conversation on Sports Talk Radio. With MLB games averaging 3:02 hours last season - the concern is understandable. Here's my recommendations for speeding up the game while trying to minimize ch...

Daily Red Sox Links: Rusney Castillo, Clay Buchholz, Shane Victorino

Today's links look at the top-20 prospects in Boston's system, the players' feelings on the pace of play rules, and two possible key members of the rotation. Should we just assume Rusney Castillo is the starting center fielder on Opening ...

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share. - RIP Leonard Nimoy. Here was his last Tweet from a few days ago. Makes you wonder if he knew the end was near. - Nice article on what the Pawtucket Red Sox have meant to the city. I'll...

Clay Buchholz worked with Roger Clemens this winter

That doesn't guarantee Buchholz will be back in his best form, but the signs have been good ones. Clay Buchholz didn't get to undergo his usual throwing program before the 2014 season, and it showed. Instead, he was resting his shoulder, w...

2015 Red Sox top prospect voting #18: The great Knuckleball hope

There's always hope in the knuckleball stand. There's no single set of rules determining who is and is not a "prospect." Some places stick to strict rookie limits, allowing for players signed to major league contracts out of foreign profes...


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