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Gaslamp Ball Related Entries

<< 2016-02-07   |   2016-02-08   |   2016-02-09

Doug Mirabelli turns 45 today, is still my least-favorite Padres player ever

The Padres have had their share of unlikable players over the years. Orlando H...

Gardenhire and Wallach offered bench coach job

Young charismatic and inexperienced managers are all the rage, so old crusty ex-managers are being offered lesser positions.  In this case if Ron Gardenhire wants to get back in the game he'll have to swallow his pride and take a posit...

Khalil Greene turns 36 today

It does not feel like it's been over six years since Khalil Greene last played in a major league game, but the calendar doesn't lie. A Cardinal at the time, Greene struck out in

Born this day: Storm Davis

Three former Padres were born on December 26. I wrote about Dustin Moseley last year, and what's there to say about Ozzie Smith that hasn't already been said? That left me with just Storm...

SD 3, SF 10: Not much went well in San Francisco this weekend

But Travis Jankowski got his first MLB home run today! You ever have one of those weekends where you show up somewhere on time, three days in a row, only to get socked in the gut a dozen times? No? Well, the Padres

Padres non-tender Middlebrooks, Gale, and Garces

It's hot stove season, which means some people are going to get burned. With the Winter Meetings in Nashville just days away, A.J. Preller is in the middle of some heavy duty roster shuffling. ...

Mark Kotsay takes bench coach job with Athletics

Last season's Padres coaches all believe they deserve a managerial position and are scattering in the wind after they were passed over in San Diego for the second time.  There were rumors that there was some animosity within the staff ...

Searching for Padres in 2016 Topps

The night before last I went to the local "big box" retail store to pick up a huge bag of food for some of my cat friends, so of course I stopped by the card aisle to snag up some of the recently released Topps Series 1 baseball cards. I'm ...

Dave Roberts is going to be the Dodgers new manager

Crying is a perfectly respectable response to this news. We've known for some time now that Dave Roberts was interviewing with the Dodgers, but now it's official. The former

California trying to ban tobacco in baseball

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in the hopes of banning tobacco products from all ballparks from little league to the major leagues.  Assemblyman Tony Thurmond cited Tony Gwynn when he introduced the bill last February.

Catcherdome: Four Men Enter, How Many Will Leave?

So many catchers, so little playing time to go around! Who are the pieces of this puzzle, how do they fit, and what might the Padres do with them? As you might have read, the Padres have four catchers on...

Joaquin Benoit was, like, HISTORICALLY good with the Padres, you guys

So, as you know, Padres general manager AJ Preller dealt the eighth and ninth-inning guys away to some Arena League teams. In the aftermath of the purge, I was a smidge surprised to see HOW good

Padres acquire Jose Pirela from the Yankees

Padres GM A.J. Preller makes his first move to try and address the SS position A.J. Preller may not be able to swing as many big time deals as he did last offseason, but don't think for a minute he won't swing a couple. Today's, however, i...

The Padres acquired Willie McCovey this day in 1973

On this day 42 years ago, following their fifth season as a major league team, the Padres traded for a past-his-prime superstar, setting a blueprint for all the decades that have followed. That's not to say Willie McC...

The Padres are rebuilding

There have been some words thrown around to try to convince fans that this year's team might compete for something, but really the only way forward is rebuilding. Sometimes I see people questioning what the Padres

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