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Gaslamp Ball Related Entries

<< 2015-11-26   |   2015-11-27   |   2015-11-28

Gardenhire and Wallach offered bench coach job

Young charismatic and inexperienced managers are all the rage, so old crusty ex-managers are being offered lesser positions.  In this case if Ron Gardenhire wants to get back in the game he'll have to swallow his pride and take a posit...

Doug Mirabelli turns 45 today, is still my least-favorite Padres player ever

The Padres have had their share of unlikable players over the years. Orlando H...

Khalil Greene turns 36 today

It does not feel like it's been over six years since Khalil Greene last played in a major league game, but the calendar doesn't lie. A Cardinal at the time, Greene struck out in

Pirates 5, Padres 2: Morton outpitches Ross

The Padres just couldn't figure out Pirates starter Charlie Morton. After Friday night's explosive finish, tonight featured more of a pitchers' duel as Tyson Ross took on

Padres 4, Cubs 3: Unearned runs > homers

The pitching staff was stung by the longball, but the offense capitalized on some sloppy defense for a comeback win. This is the kind of game a team needs to bounce back from a three-game losing streak. Blowout wins are always fun, but is ...

SD 3, TEX 4: Padres lose first of three before ASG

The Ranger climb the ladder quick and the Padres just couldn't catch up. After yesterday's break the Padres were hoping to start the final series before the All-Star Break on a high note. To do this, they were go...

Padres find a new, better use for Truck Nutz

You know, coming into this season, I heard a lot of speculation that the Padres might have issues with team chemistry because of all these new guys coming from different clubhouses. But so far they've proven to fit reall...

SD 3, SF 10: Not much went well in San Francisco this weekend

But Travis Jankowski got his first MLB home run today! You ever have one of those weekends where you show up somewhere on time, three days in a row, only to get socked in the gut a dozen times? No? Well, the Padres

Padres 8, Nationals 3: Homers reign at Petco Park

Tyson Ross got tonight's game started in the best way possible by striking out Nationals leadoff man Denard Span. And then he t...

SD 2, TEX 1: Friars win last series before season half

Tyson Ross, Will Middlebrooks, and Jedd Gyorko play a few good notes for Padres fans before the All Star break. It's the return of Tyson Ross, and his goatee. After being rained out in Pittsburgh as his teamma...

SD 2, ARI 7: Cashner forgets how to pitch for an inning

Cashner didn't get the memo from Tyson Ross last night, and the Padres give up another series. Last night's 8-1 victory over the Diamondbacks was a great little sample of when things for A.J. Preller's 2015

Mark Kotsay takes bench coach job with Athletics

Last season's Padres coaches all believe they deserve a managerial position and are scattering in the wind after they were passed over in San Diego for the second time.  There were rumors that there was some animosity within the staff ...

Padres could break franchise grand slam record this year

With Derek Norris's walkoff blast Friday night, the 2015 Padres now have three grand slams to their name. With fifty-two games in the books, that puts them on pace to hit nine this season. That would be the most since 20...

Dave Roberts is going to be the Dodgers new manager

Crying is a perfectly respectable response to this news. We've known for some time now that Dave Roberts was interviewing with the Dodgers, but now it's official. The former

California trying to ban tobacco in baseball

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in the hopes of banning tobacco products from all ballparks from little league to the major leagues.  Assemblyman Tony Thurmond cited Tony Gwynn when he introduced the bill last February.

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