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Al's Ramblings Related Entries

<< 2017-03-25   |   2017-03-26   |   2017-03-27

Part of this is because of how slowly things get done in DC. Part of this is because it takes forever to get anything done because of procedural crap and lobbyists. And a great deal of it is because we reelect the same people every couple years, a...

I think I've talked about this before, but it's an excellent listen...Why Men Hate Going To Church. Short answer? Because it's set up by women for women.  Perfect timing too, putting it on a SUN morning.:)

Not really a fit for the Brewers, but Drew Stubbs is a very nice role player for a team with LH hitter(s) in the OF, as he is a proven lefty masher who is a plus baserunner and defender at all 3 OF spots.

It's safe to say we are going to need eight relievers at some point in the first three weeks.--Counsell Plenty of the relievers will have an option, but Aguilar, who looks more and more like the 25th man, does not. Gennett, however, does, which c...

Scouts from teams looking for starting pitching have been monitoring Brewers. They know they have extra starting candidates.--JS Would not surprise me to see Guerra dealt at anytime if Stearns gets his asking price. Garza either, for that matter....

What a freaking loon.

I don't see it the way most do at all. Neither does Scott Adams, who was the first to predict Trump's win, way before most of us caught on. Of course, I'm a contrarian. The ACHA had a 17% approval rating...though most of that is because it was ne...

Yep. The funny thing is, more people freak out over aspartame and other perfectly safe alternatives than they do smoking. Much like coming up with million dollar words like "verbal abuse" and pretending it's somehow as serious as actual violence,...

One reason I enjoy watching all those Alaska shows about folks who still live a simpler life of hunting, trapping, and in a tiny cabin without electricity...they are all perfectly content with themselves. They don't want to go to work every day fo...

The Cards kept stressing they had to improve their defense, and like they do every year, are just going with the best offensive lineup they can and ignoring the D. Remember a few years ago they had one of the worst defensive OF's in recent memory...

Trump called two very liberal newspapers right away to ensure they would have to quote him in their story. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. For a darn dope, he does brilliant things. Note that everything he said is almost identic...

Astros have traded minor league C Tyler Heineman to the Brewers. Likely just an organizational move for roster filler, but he's a switch hitter who gets on base and throws out over 40% of basestealers. I assume Stearns knows him from his Astros' ...


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