August 13, 2005


The Sports Blogs staff will be on vacation until 8/22. We will respond to all email as soon as we return.

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Blog Suggestions

Please accept my apologies for suggestions that have gone un-approved. I had a problem with my mail reader and my own emails were getting dumped into the spam folder. Woops! I will get these approved asap. If you suggested a blog in the last week or so, don't worry, it will get looked at!

The Sports Blog staff will be on vacation until 8/22, so they will get processed when we return.

Thanks for your understanding!


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August 02, 2005

RSS Feeds Have Been Fixed

As mentioned yesterday, we have been cleaning up our RSS feeds so that they really contain only the team and sport entries that are supposed to be there.

We have pushed the changes live, so if you see any problems, please email as at:

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August 01, 2005

RSS Feeds Cleanups

As some of you have noticed, some of the team and sport feeds were getting poluted with entries that didn't belong there.

We are fixing the process that is causing this problem and should have it fixed by tonight.

If you notice the feeds acting a little strangley, please email us at:

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