January 21, 2004

Changes Have Been Made

The changes that I described earlier have been made. Please let us know if you find any bugs.
Posted by ToddMuchmore at 09:58 PM

Upcoming Changes

Over the day or so, we will be making some major changes in the backend of this of this site. What we are doing is merging the backends of Sports Blogs and Baseball Blogs. This will enable us to grow these sites more easily and make maintence much easier.

We are hoping that most of these changes will not affect any of our users in a negative way, but a bug or two may slip through. Please let us know if you find any by sending an email to bugs@sportsblogs.org.

Posted by ToddMuchmore at 04:19 PM

January 05, 2004

MakeRSS now with entry titles!

The MakeRSS application now supports entry titles. Check out step number three for the new instructions.

Note: This will most likely only be useful for people whose blogger version supports entry titles.

Thanks to Marcus over at CubsWins who helped me beta test this new functionality.

Posted by ToddMuchmore at 08:38 PM