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Blog Details

Name: The Mets Police
Description: Pointing out stupid things the Mets do (with love).
URL: http://themetspolice.blogspot.com
RSS Feeds: New York Mets - http://themetspolice.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
Related Team(s): Mets
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2008-04-19 10:50:44
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Road game Mets crowd shots? Sure!

@Mets crowd shots. 4-25-15. pic.twitter.com/mv6jp3w3If — Dave's Mets Dugout (@DavesMetsDugout) April 25, 2015

Link: Well, That Sucked « Faith and Fear in Flushing

Ha, my brain usually assumes Greg is writing for F&F, but when I got to this part I was like “this is gonna be Jason.”  Yes.  Yes it is.  Love it. The Yankees...

Link: It’s Early, but History Says Mets Are on Road to Playoffs – WSJ

Here’s another one of those The Math articles.  This one I am posting in the 8th last night.   That means the Mets don’t even have to play all that well from here...

Link: The Mets’ path to October is clear, barring disaster… « Just Mets

Hi it’s 5pm on Friday when I am loading this so as I type I don’t know what happened last night (the Mets won right).  I wanted to link to this but didn’t...

You own these awesome Mets shoes

Spectacular! Guys I am so sad. @metspolice hocked all the awesome @The7Line stuff but not my kick ass custom Mets shoes. pic.twitter.com/avvg4PqHEz — Charity (@ThisIsCharity) April 24, 2015

Matt Harvey News: Matt Harvey stars in new MLB commercial (Matt Harvey) #this

This just in to the Matt Harvey News desk. Adam Rubin is reporting that Matt Harvey stars in a new MLB commercial. Let’s take a look. Your browser does not support iframes. Matt...

Maybe The Wilpon Mall isn’t a lock after all?

While we’re all getting upset about what not to wear, or maybe even excited about the winning streak, here’s something everyone is ignoring. Avella, who attended the April 15 appeal, said the lawyers...

I Disagree with @metspolice aka Shannon Shark

What the hell is Shannon thinking? For years he was saying the Mets need to take back NYC. That the Mets lost a generation of fans to the Yankees(true). That they need to...

7 Line Army General requests no Roll Call

It’s @baldvinny‘s thing. If he comes up and leads the Mets Roll Call… that’s the only way we should do it. Please don’t start it, guys. — Darren Meenan (@DarrenJMeenan) April 24, 2015


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