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Blog Details

Name: Sons of Steve Garvey -- A Los Angeles Dodgers Blog
Description: Random rantings and ravings about the Los Angeles Dodgers, written by a small consortium of rabid Dodger fans. With occasional comments on baseball, entertainment, pop culture, and life in general.
URL: http://sonsofstevegarvey.blogspot.com
RSS Feeds: Los Angeles Dodgers - http://feeds.feedburner.com/sonsofstevegarvey
Related Team(s): Dodgers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2006-12-15 11:16:12
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Game 109 Thread: July 31 vs. Braves, 7p

Clayton Kershaw (12-2, 1.78) vs, Julio Teheran (10-6, 2.71). Knowing that

Colletti Takes Two Slots of Top 10 "Worst MLB Contracts"

To be fair, the Rangers (Prince Fielder #1, and Shin-Soo Choo #5) and the Yankees (Alex Rodriguez #8, and CC Sabathia #9) also have two slots on the list. But the Dodgers are called out on two of Ned Colletti's deals: Matt Kemp (#7) and Carl Cra...

Why Even Talking About Trading Matt Kemp Is Ridiculous

Michael Baumann tried to write a long-form piece over at Grantland that came out as medium form. Still, in talking about the trade deadline, how perverse the MLB salary dump discussions are: Money is a huge consideration in sports, and since i...

'I Pray That I'll Be Allowed to Come Back'

Your browser does not support iframes. How many press conferences end with applause? Check out the whole thing here.

Andre Ethier, Team Player

It's a minor point. But when I looked at the MLB.com wrap of the game...

Post-Game 108 Thread: Bison Burgers

DODGERS 3, BRAVES 2 (10) My god, we should be talking abou...

Mo' Lester Talk

From Tuesday: ESPN.com's Jayson Stark says Jon Lester joining the Dodgers is unlikely: With every day, every Red Sox loss, every rumor, the odds increase that Jon Lester is going to be wearing a different uniform by this weekend. But which uni...

Game 108 Thread: July 30 vs. Braves, 7p

Zack Greinke (12-6, 2.74) vs. (7-8, 3.44). Personally, I'm more of an In-N-Out fan. But if we can take our win str...

Barney Sings "I Can't Hit, .233; I'm Now In Your Family"

In using the word "fortified" like Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, the Dodgers claim they have "fortified" their infield with

Dodgers Might Get Aced Out By...Bucs?

Besides Primanti sandwiches, I didn't think Pittsburgh had much on us in Los Angeles. But according to Yahoo Sports, the Pirates might be quicker to the punch snagging Jon Lester before the trade deadline: The Pittsburgh Pirates are a fast-eme...

How the Dodgers Announced Vin Scully's Return in 2015

Your browser does not support iframes.

Post-Game 107 Thread: Matt Kemp Would Indeed Like Fries With That

Kemp is walking on air.


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