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Blog Details

Name: In Your Face Tennis
Description: A tennis blogs for competitive players
URL: http://www.inyourfacetennis.com
RSS Feeds: Tennis - http://www.inyourfacetennis.com/feed/
Related Team(s): General
Related Sports(s): Tennis
Date Added: 2014-01-08 19:45:29
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How Many Reps Do You Need

A japanese player asked me this question, the other day. Here is what I told him. It all depends on 2 things. First. How well you are concentrating, while you are doing them in practice. Second. How well are you … Continue reading → ...

In Between Serves Tip

Watched a junior struggle yesterday with her serve and wanted to share my advice on this topic,with you guys here today. In between serves. Don’t take to much time and don’t rush your through your motion either. It’s a feel R...

Federer Takes Title

I doubt that anyone is going to beat Federer for a while,well, maybe on clay and but as for as any other surface on tour,he is looking unbeatable. Stan hung in there yesterday and had some chances here and there. … Continue reading → ...


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