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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
URL: http://albethke.blogspot.com/
RSS Feeds: Milwaukee Brewers - http://albethke.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Related Team(s): Brewers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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I just confirmed that, despite the fact I watch about four shows on the major networks, I once again have to decide between DVRing Criminal Minds or SVU...unless I want to actually watch one of them. {shiver} Luckily, I can watch SVU On Demand.....

Just regular folks. You know, I just pretended to grill supper last night.

Record ice levels blamed on, wait for it, warmer weather. I know when our freezer broke, we would have never noticed it except for the extra layers of ice...I said tongue formly in cheek. And, oh, by the way, we've been in a cooling trend for de...

That's pretty darn impressive, 4 times in 100 years.

Irony...Obama knew what would happen in Syria, and knew he should act. But, when you don't believe in anything, sometimes you ignore your own advice.

100% true. We are far too concerned about everything except what is important.

Remember a while back, when Lisa Lopez burned down Andre Rison's mansion; and not one person even suggested we might have a pop music violence problem, or a female pop music violence problem? Funny, me too. Did not fit the narrative.

This is 100% true, and, the NWSL handled it perfectly. She is innocent until proven guilty. Other sports blame and ban, and then look very stupid.

Only 5? Must be one tough editing job.

Hey old media...let's follow the script.

60 Minutes talking about how woefully short on psychiatric beds we are in the USA. Of course, they will go out of their way not to blame this on the current administration, as it was expected they would have created a utopia by now. Of course, con...

If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

I must admit, when they threw a flag for "inappropriate language," I think I heard the entire at home audience mutter, "What the hell?"

The old media is trying mightily to create some sort of boycott or furor, and the public responds with a yawn and says, "Turn on the game, Mabel!" They just don't get it. The public realizes, as do I, that the best athletes are not the best peopl...

Brewers still have three more wins than you'd expect based on runs scored and runs allowed. Been there since April. Still in the race because of that good fortune way back five months ago.

Jason Bourgeois would be an option if you are having a Scooter Gennett platoon partner/utility guy fantasy draft. Jason has played 600 games at 2B in the minors, but only 5 in the majors. He sure does hit LHP though. Others on that list? Jemile W...

CB Buckner got a call wrong? Shocking.

When you hear about Javier Baez's youth as explanation for strikeouts, remember this: He's about 6 weeks younger than Bryce Harper.--Jon Morosi People forget how young players are after they are in the bigs for a month. Casual fan on a player i...

As fans were booing Papelbon, he grabbed his crotch while walking back to dugout, umps saw it and ejected him. Do they realize many pitchers adjust their cup several times an inning?  I don't think I've ever heard of a player ejected for that.

Looks like about 30-50% of the crowd left after the bottom of the 7th.

Bill S just said Roenicke hopes Estrada can go the final two innings...I doubt he stays in for more than one. Let's see who is correct. EDIT: It never fails to amaze me how they fail to pick up on trends Ron has established over his four years.&n...

The Rambling in laws were over yesterday and brought a watermelon someone had grown. I never buy anything but seedless, but this was very sweet and yummy. There was a big bowl left in the fridge last night, and I ate the whole thing. I think I've...

Amazing how "hitting slumps" end when a pitcher that makes mistakes comes in. It's almost like it's related.

Brutal blown call by officials Seahawks. Harvin clearly stepped out of bounds on long TD. Was never looked at.--Gregg Rosenthal Heck, I didn't even know MLB had taken over the NFL's replays.

Matt Clark is not going to be an afterthought on the big white board in the Crew's war room when they decide on the 40 man this offseason, and next year's plans You can bet when they look at potential 1B additions, someone will say, "I think Clar...

Roenicke told me last night that if there was a save situation on tap today, he'd go to K-Rod. As such, Broxton warming for the 8th.--BrewerNation Heh. You mean, like he has since the first game? Ron must have thought he was nuts. 

The 1B coach has to know all the signs, in case the runner on 1B is a pitcher, or recent callup, and because once or twice a year, the 3B coach misses a game or gets thrown out. I know many teams use different signs for each player, because they ...

Al, I thought you were on crack picking the Vikings and Cowboys. Nice pick on Dallas there. Minnesota game might have been close if not for the turnovers too.  Matt I think DAL was only a 3-4 point dog. MIN won't get much credit, but they...

Mark Reynolds is one of those guys who could sign a minor league contract this offseason, or find someone to give him 2-3 years at $5M per. I'd guess a one year for $3M, but given how weak 3B is in the bigs, that he will finish on pace to hit 30 ...

A project like this would be great to attach to the MIL arena project...a $15M downtown soccer stadium would be a glorious addition. A forward looking group would probably build a 8K seater that is expandable to 20K, so that is likely the last thi...

Carlos Gomez is simply the best defensive CF to ever play the game.

Both Scooter and Segura have been catching the ball in front of 2B and then swiping backwards. Lucroy used to often do this at home too, which, due to the rules change, is now the way pretty much everyone does it.

Craig Counsell was hit in the face many moons ago. The world has kept spinning, and amazingly, there were no changes made. There won't be now either. The one thing that the 24 hour media has created is an incredibly inflated importance of everyt...

My wife and I arrived at Miller Park on Saturday a little after 3:30 PM, and I fired up the grill and we had steaks and a couple of beers.  From our spot in the parking lot, we could already see the lines for entry snaking around.  I...

Design cycling jerseys? Easy. Hard to believe.

"I'd said I'd end the war in Iraq. I ended it." -Obama, '12  "[That] wasn’t a decision made by me [it was] the Iraqi gov't." Obama, '14 How do you know he's lying. His lips are moving.  His own words are far more damaging than any...

CAR BUF WASH DAL NYG Min NO CIN TB SEA HOU GB DEN SF IND I have to go with DEN as my suicide/survival/knockout pick, as I am not confident enough in any other game or team. 

I giggle at my Twitter feed, full of people unhappy that Vikings' fans wearing Adrian Peterson jerseys. First of all, Peterson has not been convicted of anything, and second of all, most people do not have an entire wardrobe of players' jerseys to...

We're in the very best of hands.


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