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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
URL: http://albethke.blogspot.com/
RSS Feeds: Milwaukee Brewers - http://albethke.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Related Team(s): Brewers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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I agree with every word she said. Sorry Lewis, you can't criticize the president and expect to not get called out. Those days are past...there's a new sheriff in town. Note the "she works too much to get subsidies" line. It reminds me of my coll...

I would not say it's 100% not OJ's son, but that does not explain how the blood was all over the place. I've heard that theory for years, as it makes sense as to why OJ was so upset...if you want to believe he did not do it, of course, which the e...

No influence to sell.

Difficult to believe Hill could not have substituted another class instead of missing so many practices...when I went to UWEC, it was routine to avoid taking a difficult class until the last semester...and then hope it was not offered. A quick vi...

The ratings reflect two of America's teams were playing. I would guess that will be higher than the conference championships. Those that think the NFL is dead simply are not paying attention. If they could fix a couple minor things (simple rule o...

Rep. Lewis says this is the first Inauguration he will miss. Wrong. He missed Bush in '01 because according to Washington Post he didn't think Bush was legit president.--Trish Regan Lewis suddenly seems to be a little truth challenged as well. "...

For the second time this year, the Rambling son's school was dismissed early due to weather. The last time they never should have gone, it snowed nonstop from 9PM the night before to 8PM that day, ended up with about 10.5 inches. Today is the exa...

This gal is a fan of Sessions. Pretty much everyone is, unless you are just a Dem lackey.

If you on a paid holiday today (or are being sent home early from work due to the weather), don't forget, the Bucks play a matinee on FSW, starting at 2ish.

There ain't no room for free speech or differing beliefs on an American campus, damn it. I hate to, you know, use common sense, but, I'll point out that the college is strongly defending something that the Catholic church is vehemently against. ...

I know this is easier than admitting your flawed candidate was despised, sickly, and pathetic; but Christ, you are just embarrassing yourself. As they said, keep making excuses and run the same campaign in 2020. Please.

Those that do not understand Trump's appeal won't understand this column either. You need the free market, fewer regulations, price transparency, and legal reform. Obamacare did nothing on 3 of the 4, and added more rules. It was doomed to fail ...

John Lewis and Maxine Waters both boycotted Bush Inauguration in '01, as well. In other words, this is nothing new from them. Sad. So much for their belief in America and our transition process.--Trish Regan

It's almost as if they don't want qualified nominees, but liberal hacks.

Sickels finds 54 Crew farmhands to study. Even if you add 10 more that are borderline or that may have been injured last season, that's still 64. Considering the Brewers have 6 minor league teams, plus one in the Dominican for Latin American deve...

Actress fed up by "bullies" on the left. The irony, of course, is those that insisted Trump had no chance in the primary, that the GOP should replace him, you know, even though he won; that he had no chance against Clinton...are the same ones tha...

Who am I to disagree with the greatest surgeon to ever live?

We discussed this embarrassment of overreaction the other day. Considering ice ages have lasted at least 50K years, declaring a "never ending drought" after a decade or so of below average precipitation would appear to be the height of ignorance ...

I'm not saying Rosie is two faced, but she is likely on her way to the hospital to be treated for whiplash after this about face. 1. What's that old Abe Lincoln quote..."If I was two faced, would I be wearing this one?" I had a Poli Sci professor...

Another good week for the president elect.

Falcons open as a 4 point favorite. I told the Rambling wife I would guess 1, since the Packers are playing so well and are "hot." EDIT: I'll guess the Pats open as a 7.5-8 point favorite. EDIT 2: Pats open as a 6 point choice over PIT. ATL is ...

As good a game as I saw all year, except maybe for a couple college overtime affairs. I kind of feel sorry for those that get all stressed and live and die with every play. Enjoy the journey.

Given his record on elections and gun sales, I welcome him being extremely involved. He may be as out of touch with reality as anyone in politics.

Hidden Figures, a movie about black women mathematicians that were vital to the space program a half century ago, is #1 at the box office for the 2nd week in a row. Tell me again that we're a racist, sexist nation. Keep selling that...

The same John Lewis who calls Trump's win "illegitimate"--once urged Obama critics to at least "respect the office." Hypocrite.--Larry Elder What's the old saying, if it weren't for double standards...

Foreign policy was all but nonexistent the past 8 years. No doubt Trump inherits quite a mess, with many nations wondering if the US is just a paper tiger. 

Handed out to a woman who signed up to attend a march in DC, from my Thomas Sowell appreciation group. This will literally drive people into the Trump camp. I'm guessing it would offend 75-80% of those who voted for Clinton. Focusing on social "...

If the Crew does trade Braun, I don't see them taking an injured, overpaid pitcher back and getting a team's 16th and 26th ranked prospects (although LA does have a solid system) in return, to say the least.

Replace GSA with every group of government "workers" and you'll uncover millions in waste. If you're not furious about it, you are part of the problem. Remember, Nancy Pelosi once said we have "nowhere left to cut," ignoring the fact she had mu...

I have no idea if he speaks the truth or not, but I do agree that cooling is far worse than warming...humans may not like it being 105, but like the Aussies prove annually, it can be done. Meanwhile, freezing temps lead to shorter growing seasons...

If there's 10 snowflakes for every biker...my money is on the bikers.

I had never heard of these folks until now. Right place at the right time.

Everybody starts! Everybody is above average! I know I'm not a pro athlete because I'm not very good. Some folks would rather blame a coach.

The public does not see the economy as "strong" because it isn't. It wasn't awful under W either, one need only look at history to see the economy Reagan inherited to see what a bad one looks like. I must admit though, listening to the left insi...

Lewis is and will always be a hack. He's as irrelevant as they come. Almost everyone that hears him just ignores him as a guy who hates his country. We;ve seen how that plays in flyover country.

Feliz is a very impressive reliever, throws very hard (96 last year, 95.5 for his career), gets both lefties and righties out, actually better against LH hittters. When healthy, the highest ERA he has ever had is the 3.52 he put up last season. Pi...

They've cried wolf so many times, eventually, the townspeople tell the kid to shut the hell up.

1. Slate is very worried about fake news. 2. Trump's powers are even stronger than previously thought. 3. Slate is the funniest site on the internet...accidentally.

Fact check: True. We handled it better and far more maturely, however. They pout and call us names, and we got ready for the next election.

When every Republican is a racist, no Republican is a racist. They'll never learn. Meanwhile, black Republicans are scorned and called names...even though they are really, really funny. As I have pointed out often, note the n word not being use...

I feel bad for Oakland, but after years of being ignored because they have embraced tourism, Vegas looks like they will have a NFL and an NHL team.

They've been throwing 30M out there the past few days. Last I saw, it was 12M. I have heard many say the number of uninsured is higher now than it was before, due to the penalty; but you'll never hear the old media admit it.

Brewers will sign Neftali Feliz, presumably to be the closer. He throws very hard and if he can stay healthy, should be more than adequate. This will not be official until his physical, so more than likely in the next week. 

I promise you, many of his critics could not pass a drug test...

This might be directly related to 8 years of constant negativity about...well, everything. Ain't gonna be no apologies about being better than everyone else. Glenn says America is feeling Trumptastic. I must admit, with the jobs saved, business ...

Chase Anderson files at $2.85M, Brewers $2.45M.--Heyman Would seem to be an easy compromise, unless the Brewers do not wish to negotiate after numbers are exchanged, as some teams have done the past couple years. 

I think this might be directly related to a plethora of statements defending guilty black criminals and insisting police acted stupidly.

It's a puzzle hidden inside an enigma. The vast majority of the public sees right through this. The ones that don't are so far gone, they're a lost cause.


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