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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
URL: http://albethke.blogspot.com/
RSS Feeds: Milwaukee Brewers - http://albethke.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Related Team(s): Brewers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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I know I'm an old fuddy duddy, being a non believer in ghosts, witchcraft, or any such silliness, but how did something so ignorant as rally caps get started?

I get the point, Melancon needs work (as they have to assume they will win and keep playing) and they do need to keep the deficit to "only eight"...but the idea of bringing in your closer down 8-0 is still funny.

Know what? Brewers' fans that are upset and are calling for changes after 82 wins would be doing the same thing after 88 wins and losing 8-0 in the wildcard game. Why didn't they come out ready to play? What happened to the offense? That's just ...

Martin's a nice catcher, but c'mon...after putting up a 702 OPS from 2009-13, he had a great 832 OPS in 2014...and guess what, an unsustainable .336 BAbip played a big part in it. The irony? Many will blame his huge contract for him reverting bac...

Years ago, there was a Seinfeld in which Jerry noticed that everything always "broke even." He ended up even after a night of poker, he lost a gig but got another, he missed a train but caught a bus. A couple years ago, Jennifer Love Hewitt did a...

These proclamations of Josh Harrison being a star are going to look pretty funny when he returns to earth next season. Look, Josh is a nice little player, and he may well have a nice career, because he can play 2B and 3B, two spots where everyday...

Al, That singer was on Kimmel a while back, and my wife (we're both on the heavy side too) looked up long enough to say, "What's she know about having a booty?"  I mean, she's not a size two, but she's not more than a size 6 or 8 either. An...

Grilled chicken and roasted veggies for supper tonight. Love vegetables in the oven, and it's so easy, I do not know why we do not do it more. Carrots are actually sweet after cooking for 90 minutes. Cut potatoes, peppers, onions (lots of onions),...

The Maze Runner made $1.25M yesterday, and the Rambling son and I accounted for $10 of it. We had the entire theater, probably about 200 seats, to ourselves. Granted, it was a 2:20 show (I had to pick him up for a doc appt at 12:30), but when you ...

Planned Parenthood makes money on abortions. Hence, anything they can do to limit birth control means more abortions, and, more profit. Oh, I'm sorry, you thought they were good people? Um, sure. They always have b...

It's a complete lie, fabricated by the left, whose love of rewriting history is surpassed only by Teddy Kennedy's love of cheap booze and irresponsible behavior. The only one greater is that the Dems enacted civil  rights, when in reality, ...

Breaking: Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, has resigned. In all fairness, male hookers are more difficult to locate. 

While we drool over the leggy Direct TV genie, Derek Jeter dates her. I have far more respect for what he's accomplished off the field.

Why would I not like to see Roenicke let go? Because for weeks, we'd be forced to look at lists of former managers and utility players like this. Not to mention the little fact the Brewers were outscored for the season. They certainly have the po...

Telling the government how much they suck. I used to clean toilets all the time in retail. And yes, the women's was always a zillion times worse. You could almost just skip the men's, but there was no way to not spend 10-20 minutes on the women's...

I have to concur with the DJ I heard this morning...I can't believe the gal singing this song is white. After all, white women are only supposed to feel guilt about their curves, while black women are allowed to be proud of them. I still recall...

Let me sum up the left's arguments to this nugget of info. 1. So? 2. That's not true. I remember a couple days last summer, it was hot. 3. You know we're going to keep coming up with stupid ideas to take more of your money to spend foolishly. J...

Don't worry, I'm sure President Obama has been planning for this contingency for months...maybe years. We're in the very best of hands. 

I'm watching The Duggars and Little People on TLC, but I must admit, I do find it very funny when the casual bloggers second guess a decision after a HR...but never said a word about it before. Friends, that is when you know you're reading a cool...

1.556 runs are expected at this point. With a bunt, and runners at 2nd and 3rd and one out, that number actually decreases to 1.447.--Gabe Kapler However, they are more likely to score a single run. The negative is, far less likely to score 3+. ...

I always giggle when you see people harping about OF defense. To be honest, LF'a average 1-2 chances a game, and they are very likely to be routine fly outs. Always liked Travis as a hitter versus RHP...more of a base hit guy than power, but soli...

Theo thinks they will reach .500, because the Crew finished with 82 wins and were in contention until the final series. I, like most, think they're still a year away. If a couple of those kids overachieve, you never know.

I'm sure this is just the JV ebola anyway. I'm sure they had a textbook at Harvard that explained how to handle this.

The most transparent administration ever.

This is what happens when you ignore the "innocent until proven guilty" idea. Stay tuned NFL, you'll be splaining yourself soon.

McDonald's losing customers as it goes healthy. Yep. That's why no ones has opened a roasted veggies restaurant.

This is also for men...and those in their 30's and 40's. Being single is sadly full of people asking you when you're not going to be single anymore. Remember the great quote, "Now I'm going to go back to doing what I want, all of the time."

You know he's inept when he ignores the people he hired to give him advice. As usual, politics over common sense.

Adam with a nicely done preview to next season. His thinking out loud of possibly dealing from strength (the rotation) to fill a weakness (1B) is a thought I have had as well, though 3B is the area I have filled in my head more. The two keys, as ...

Good, quality people.

I observed a person try to buy dog food with food stamps. Checkout said no, person said guess Fido will get steak then.--Wayne Clark to Charles Payne. The irony? The utopian society we live in makes the above situation completely plausible...beca...

Sometimes I wonder if they slip articles like this into Obama's briefing every morning to try and keep him up to date on the world. Hey, when your only concerns are golf and raising money for tax and spenders, you don't have time for the other st...

If you're far enough left, you can pretty much convince yourself any issue with the flag is just a convoluted reading of the Constitution away. Pathetic.


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