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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
URL: http://albethke.blogspot.com/
RSS Feeds: Milwaukee Brewers - http://albethke.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Related Team(s): Brewers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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Selfish is as selfish does. Someone needs to introduce this gal to simple facts...they're called vacations and leaves of absence. And allow me to say...I betcha this gal was hated by her coworkers. Meghann--Hey Al, can you finish this for me? I...

Driver was African-American, PG county, native-born. Voted for Obama twice. But this time, he was voting Trump, because only Trump would fix "all these problems."--David Frum This is why Trump does so poorly in caucus states, and also why so man...

Jungmann looked like the Taylor of most of last season after a visit from Johnson. Much more aggressive with the curve, and threw it for strikes. We can hope that's the beginning of his turnaround.

Someone said you could not create a better example of a stereotypical parody of a liberal who thinks they are far, far better than everyone else. They're right.

Stef is gorgeous and intelligent. Let the unpatriotic leave. The hell with them.

Last night, wondering if there would be a game, I searched for "Brewers" on Twitter and every other mention was a Cubs' fan saying "they would not be surprised" if Arietta threw another no hitter. One batter. They just don't understand math.

It is difficult to fathom any more of an overreaction to something as benign as "wild parsnip" as this. Self importance and mock danger on overload.

Great to see. I hate seeing any team move, but considering the stadium they currently play in fills up with sewage a couple times a year, I get it. Looks like Vegas will soon have both an NHL and NFL team, and this also lets Oakland know they ne...

Any complaints about the poster is pure silliness. And none moreso than the "woman of color" comment...um, do you need to go find a person of every race? Of course not. These people are jus...

Cubs are a -371 favorite today, one of the highest I've ever seen. Brewers are +310. That means you have to bet $371 to win $100 if you take CHI, and win $310 if you bet $100 on the Crew.

Bernie is a special kind of hypocrite, without a doubt.

So good to see. Of course, many Bernie supporters will just sleep all day or be too high to vote, because they are who they are.

As I have said, this may be the greatest opportunity in decades for a 3rd party. The irony is, for a 3rd party to be successful, a perfect candidate would be a well known moderate...a lot like Donald Trump. Gary Johnson and the Libertarians "cou...

Gennett goes on the DL, Hernan Perez up to replace him. Garza moved to 60 day DL to create a 40 man spot. Hernan will have to clear waivers if he is sent down again. Perez had a 848 OPS in AAA, and a 1030 OPS versus LHP, though in a tiny sample ...

Help me! I'm a hypocrite, and I'm too stupid to realize it.

Yes. Yes you can. Also, you can leave a dog in a car for a few minutes if it's 70 degrees too. Everyone takes a good idea and exaggerates it until what they're saying is pure fantasy.

You are starting to see it...all but the most stubborn and foolish are coming together. If 4 years of Hillary doesn't frighten you, nothing will.

No game tonight because they have an outdated ballpark. No makeup date announced, so it will not be a doubleheader tomorrow.

If the Crew does play, Scooter will not, he's back in MIL being evaluated. It'd be almost a lottery if he were to go on the DL, as the Crew has several players (Hill, Walsh, Villar, Rivera) plenty capable of playing 2B, and the only infielders on...

I will quote what Oprah said when a model told her she never weighed herself: If I looked like that, I wouldn't weigh myself either. Substitute diet for weigh, and you hit the nail on the head. I can only imagine how women must get tired of hear...

Two hilarious things about this: 1. The "other" group is too stupid to even get a free permit. 2. If the "other" group would have a successful lunch, say a one minute spiel about their beliefs and then feed a bunch of students...would anyone pro...

Steady rain forecast until 11PM at Wrigley. No need for a new ballpark. It's historical you know.

Remember, many still say he doesn't have a chance of winning. None.

I'd be in trouble if anyone ever got fired here, but they don't.--Cleveland on his new job at the post office Lois: Can you just charge me my weirdly uneven price so I can be done? Cleveland: That will be $2.16. Both are funny because they are t...

North Carolina general election  Clinton 44 Trump 44 (0)  Cruz 40 Clinton 45 (+5)--Political Polls One of the most important swing states in the fall. 

It's smarter to actually put the ball through the HOOP before you claim victory.--Sarah Palin And yes, I think it's absolutely off the charts cool that she uses basketball euphemisms after Glen Rice went public about their one (or maybe 2-3) nig...

Despite Donald Trump’s encouragement to Sanders in the last couple days to run as a third-party candidate, the Vermont senator ultimately will throw his support behind Clinton in exchange for some conciliatory words on her part. The Democrats ha...

The thing about last night is this...the old media, and even many of the pundits, act as if elections are a coin toss, or perhaps better suited for this site, a baseball game of evenly matched clubs. They act as if the outcome is dependent on a po...

To almost everyone, this just gives them more reason to vote for Trump.

I'm so glad these people are not on my side. Adult language at the link, which is ironic, since all the people cursing, yelling, and trying to prevent the speakers from speaking, are childish buffoons. Can you imagine any of these people ever, y...

You know what will fix this? Throwing better benefits and more money at the teachers. That's stupid you say? Yep.

If we don't stand up for our beliefs, we're losing to the bullies.

I said years ago it will either be a disaster, abandoned, or moved. I hope I'm wrong, but, if they're struggling with this stuff, I can't imagine they've done a thing about terrorism or the safety of the athletes.

Another dreadfully cold night at Wrigley, 38-42 with cold winds. Ridiculous. It leads to injuries, poor quality of play, and not only plenty of no shows, but plenty of fans who, at best, do not enjoy the experience.

Ted Cruz making a "big announcement," rumors say he may name Carly Fiorina his VP. I certainly find nothing wrong with his choice, but have to wonder why one would name a choice before chosen as the party's nominee. 

Colabello denies knowingly taking the drug his test came back positive for...thinks it must have been in something he touched. These tests will continue to have "false positives" if that is the case. I have to wonder if the threshold of 0.00 migh...

I stubbornly think Edwards vs Van Hollen is a tossup even though Van Hollen has moved ahead in polls, but we'll see.--Nate Silver Very few people are wrong so often that you can pretty much assume a prediction will be incorrect. Nate Silver is o...

Jake Arietta is 30 and wants a 7 year extension. Heh. We can only wish Theo was that stupid.

David Stearns doesn't like the term "shift," he prefers "optimal positioning."--TV team Heh. Those private school kids. I remember a guy who worked at a car wash that always referred to himself as a "auto appearance specialist." 

Heard a lot the last couple days about teams playing 4 OF's, mostly with the Rockies and Coors Field. One would have to wonder about the sanity of that being the best defensive alignment for 95% of players...however, for Chris Davis, and maybe a ...

One of those "truth is stranger than fiction" pieces you rarely see, bout the Brewers' vastly improved plate discipline. The irony is, Darnell Coles was the hitting coach both years. It's almost as if the coach doesn't matter (wink, wink).

Braun not in the lineup tonight, hopefully, it's just a day off after the team day off to give him 72 of rest before WED's game.

Marc Stein reports that NBA teams are playing a huge part in making San Antonio and Detroit the leaders for the next MLS expansion teams. I'm a little surprised we have not heard Mark A buying in as a minority owner with the Bucks, as he even he ...

Or as the left refers to them, "loyal voters."

I know nothing about Wenz, except this...anyone who goes out of their way to tell you how competitive they are and how tough they are is very likely trying to convince themselves. And to be honest, saying you're "tough" because you live in a plac...

The only thing I know is, I'm glad she's not on my side.

The truth is, there are only benefits from Act 10 and no negatives at all. Those "hurt" by it now just have superb benefits rather than perfect ones. Districts are able to fire bad teachers far easier. A lot of selfish educators that were just in...

The Pirates have released outfielder Antoan Richardson from Triple-A, per a club announcement. Richardson, a speedy 32-year-old, was scuffling in limited duty. He’s been up in the majors before as a late-season option, recording six steals despi...


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