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Blog Details

Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
URL: http://albethke.blogspot.com/
RSS Feeds: Milwaukee Brewers - http://albethke.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Related Team(s): Brewers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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This has Doug written all over it, if the RH is healthy. Big guy, solid AA/AAA numbers, but a spectacular K/9 (10+) at ever level, and averaged 95+ mph in the majors both years he was up.

How many times do you need to see it to believe it? He believes in nothing. He can't even follow through on the only thing he truly loves...taking money away from those who earned it. If you fail to plan...

JS reports Crew prefers Papelbon, if something can be worked out. That makes sense, because he has had better results, and if they wanted KRod, it would likely be done. Janssen just signed for 1y/$5M, so that my have lowered the price on closers,...

Bucks add PG, still no word of injury exemption. Will use Sanders' spot.

Also hearing that the Bucks are planning to sign former Nets guard Jorge Gutierrez on a 10-day deal out of D League in the near future.--ESPN They have been connected to a number of point guards in the past week or two. This guy looks like a pass...

The only people that I have seen publicly against the new Bucks arena and funding method are so far elft as to be inconsequential outside of China. In their defense, they seem totally oblivious to the concept of losing $7M a year if the Bucks lea...

This is the first talk I've heard of the NHL to Milwaukee since the Bradley Center was built, but of course, this is pretty much just a result of the excitement of news of the new arena. I'd say at minimum there are a half dozen cities ahead of M...

Governor Walker explains it to the fiscally unwise. Already seeing fibs that it takes all the receipts, not just the increase. EDIT: I typed the above before the last couple minutes...the owners have agreed to pay off the bond issue if they sell...

Measles were eradicated in the US in 2000. Thanks anti science folks. And don't you dare go to the doctor for surgery...I got some leeches and spells you can try.

Looks like the LaCrosse serial killer has moved to the Dells.

Another executive order, no doubt, as unconstitutional as it gets.

You can watch the storm from an upstairs window in Queens if you wish. This is why we must have the internet. With any luck, you'll see Frank Costanza shaking his fist at the sky, and then hiding when he sees George turn the corner.

Central Park looks like they've received a couple inches of snow. The humanity. I sent my large donation to the Red Cross. Let's hope they are able to get those starter homes some canned goods. And yes, that is a two bedroom apartment on sale f...

The day Al Gore was born there were 130,000 glaciers on Earth. Today, only 130,000 remain.--Rufus King  Every single thing he said in his movie has either been proven incorrect, or has not happened. I think it may be about time to admit th...

We can predict decades from now that the climate will lead to certain doom, but can't accurately foretell a snowstorm's intensity today.--Hale Razor As of last night, Accuweather was forecasting 23 inches for Manhattan today, Weather.com's foreca...

They just can't stand the fact someone has caught them with their hands in the cookie jar. Every year for decades.

Brilliant plan by the governor. And with the NBA TV money and salary cap climbing briskly, it is sure to work. As a conservative who despises most taxes, I find it to be nearly perfect. The state keeps the money it was getting, and the rest goes ...


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