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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
URL: http://albethke.blogspot.com/
RSS Feeds: Milwaukee Brewers - http://albethke.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Related Team(s): Brewers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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I proudly showed my ID today when I voted. Why would anyone not want this? Because they want to cheat. Or, make it easy for others to do so.

Actually, they should have made this her official slogan. It's the one most folks use anyway.

The New York Times is not just embarrassingly liberal...it's just embarrassing. Tough to watch shows in the right order when you're calling every conservative Hilter.

You mean, some people lie because they want to lie? I, for one, am shocked. Lesson here...whenever someone says "something bad happened to me, but I did not say anything until now"...it's extremely likely they are hillarying.

A path to victory for Gary Johnson. Posting this so you can laugh and laugh and laugh. The Libertarians' election strategy and Obama's war strategy are one and the same...they never mention winning and have other goals in mind. The Libs have no ...

Local weather babe points out it will be getting dark far too early for the next 4.5 months.

I said this the other day, but Sarah does it far better and less sucky than myself. Basically, two polls say Trump and Clinton are close to even, and all the rest say Hillary is way ahead. That said, those two have often been right in the past. ...

Sometimes, I wonder what the Rambling parents would say if they were still alive. I have to imagine the phrase, "You gotta be kidding me," would be said. A lot. This is directly related to the left's insistence that real problems, like a $20T de...

Tapper's criticism is actually funny...Think Progress is fiction, and always has been. No one takes it seriously. I saw on Facebook tonight some kool aid drinkers that realize Hillary is a criminal, so they insist she is just doing what others ha...

Letter carrier accused of throwing mail in ditch in the woods. 1. I, along with most I would suspect, expected to see the guilty party was Wayne Knight. 2. I have no proof, but I'm all but positive the ugliest news babe is still pretty darn attr...

No voter fraud? Dems proudly think it's OK as long as the illegals have a DL. I'm so glad they're not on my side.

All the jewelry here gives me a rash.--Superstore By far the best comedy on the networks...of course, it's the only one I watch, so I guess I'm just assuming. 

Also had nothing to do with the Syrian genocide, the buildup of ISIS (you know, that JV team), or the fact he has doubled the debt in 8 years. In fact, he is completely blameless. On everything.

5? I'm sure I could easily find 5 in her last sentence, especially if it involved her record, her family, or her health.

I've said this before, but it must be pure hell watching a football game at the stadium without the first down line across the field.

We should never forget. We've survived 8 years of an attention whore who feels foreign and domestic policy is beneath his time; instead choosing to pioneer an ineffective health care plan that has done nothing to make the problem better, or more ...

Ramblings official NFL picks recap engineer Jim is under the weather, so the recap of last week's picks will occur when he's feeling better. However, I got the Packers tonight.

It couldn't be any worse, could it? As I have mentioned, MLB data says a score of 90% is "excellent," meaning they feel even the best get 10% wrong...which includes balls right down the middle and 2-3 feet outside. 

History will look back at this with the same disdain as "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it"...a complete, unabashed lie. Not one penny she said. Remember that.

I'm going to limit this to one post, but I must admit, we've never saw history rewritten with any less regard for the truth than Trump continually discussing possible voter fraud, which most of us just sadly accept. Have we all forgotten 2000? I ...

As I have said numerous times, every 4 years there's a new Hitler. In 2020, there will be another one. Ed points out this is what was said about Romney, probably one of the most decent men to ever enter politics.

Maggie Thatcher blasts the left, and explains it perfectly...the want the gap between rich and poor to be very small because they want everyone to be poor. There is nothing they hate more than success...especially when it does not involve the gov...

Those who do not believe they will say anything to get elected...Obama insisted deficits and debt was "unpatriotic." Using his own words, he is the most unpatriotic EVER.

The irony of this is, while these two polls are obviously the outliers, the IBD poll was the most accurate in 2012, and I always consider Rasmussen to be one of the best due to their past results.

Thomas Sowell, brilliant economist, closet racist.

The Dems seem upset that Trump is using their complaints than they are that it's not true. Sanders was a cult hero when he said it. Trump is too, but the old media, surprisingly, has failed to report it as such.

My bet? Kyle Smith was not a bundle of joy in his 30's or 40's either. Negative people are going to be negative. They won't laugh at funny jokes because they might be offensive. They will say someone is late if they're 5 minutes early. Heck, the...

Don't forget, Romney was called a racist when he called Obamacare...Obamacare.

Most beautiful is subjective. That said, would not surprise me.


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