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Name: Al's Ramblings
Description: Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts
URL: http://albethke.blogspot.com/
RSS Feeds: Milwaukee Brewers - http://albethke.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Related Team(s): Brewers
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2003-09-15 16:35:13
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The Giants are looking for outfielders and Gerardo Parra and Cameron Maybin are two of the name...

On Milwaukee is reporting Jason Kidd will be named GM of the Bucks this week and will also continue coaching the team. Bucks saying they are very happy with direction of team, but not really denying it. EDIT: Bucks say they are very happy with H...


Congrats to the US women soccer team. I think it's great when women are classy, athletic, and really, really good looking.

MLB always "takes care" of the fan vote when it looks stupid. I'm not saying they adjust the votes. I'm just saying it always takes care of itself. Is Lo Cain a top 3 OF? No, but he's good. Is Infante worthy of a 2B spot? No, and it would have b...

Al, Let's just say the Brewers had planned to send Jungmann down and go with 4 starters until after the break. Could have today's performance changed it, or doesn't it matter?  Matt Everything matters, especially performance. Doug, Craig, ...

USA/Japan World Cup on now!! FOX, the free one!!!

Dave Pinto points out how well the offense has hit the entire streak. Those guys listed have a .415 BAbip since the streak started. Personally, I've never seen so many balls hit between SS and 3B sneak through. When Scooter had those two balls run...

Over the years, I played on some very good softball teams, and I played on some awful ones. I enjoyed both, as each had their advantages. Braun is basically saying, let's go out, play hard, keep winning, and hope for the best. Nothing wrong with t...

Communism invariably creates a filthy environment for people and all other living things, yet greens imagine communism to be a utopia. Morons.--Steve Goddard  It stems from an ignorance or apathy of economics. Those focused on the environmen...

Weather Underground has us forecast for 1.6 inches of rain tomorrow. That is quite a rainfall, a once or twice a year total.

Khris Davis will be back as early as tomorrow. With Gomez out today, you would think they would probably cut back to a regular dozen man pitching staff. With the upcoming days off, one option would be to send down a SP, which we assume would be J...

Early Darwin leader of the pack.

Chisenhall is a former 1st round pick, and has a career 700 OPS, so he'll certainly find work, especially at 3B, where there is very little talent today, with an average 754 OPS this year.

I've said the same thing, just in a far less nerdy manner. There are teams that will dismiss this, and teams that will consider it. Hopefully, the Crew will find one looking for a bargain. 

Wilhelmsen sounds just like Broxton thus far.

Certainly would appear Counsell is showcasing Broxton in higher leverage situations versus the top of the order the past few games. There ain't many available relief guys throwing 94 mph fastballs and 88 mph sliders, results be damned.

Xrays on Gomez's wrist is negative. 1. He's day to day. 2. Think how unusual it is for a ballplayer not to have a wrist!

Those Hanes socks that "keep you feet cooler by speeding evaporation"...no they don't. They are fabric that cover your feet. They aren't miracle workers.

The Rambling wife is out watering the garden, I believe for the first time all year. That sure seems like a rare statement on July 4th. .

Walking Parra to get to Lucroy, and not to set up a double play...never thought I'd see it.

Unacceptable to take that long to make a call on the initial replay. Unacceptable to throw a guy out when he was quietly questioning the umpire, not embarrassing him at all. Unacceptable to get thrown out of the game as a backup catcher. Very s...

Prior to Jerry Dipoto’s resignation, the Angels and Brewers were discussing Gerardo Parra and A...

If he gets on 1B, he's usually on 3B in a couple pitches.--Eric Karros on Billy Hamilton My goodness. That may be the most untrue statement ever uttered. These color guys are basically just cliche machines.

The Rambling wife reports several restaurants, especially small, family owned ones, are closed today. Given that regardless of the holiday, it is a Saturday...a day when bars and eateries often do a third of their business for the week, that's d...

I like Germen more than most. Throws hard and misses bats.

In America we celebrate July 4th not April 15th... because in America we celebrate our independence from the government, not our dependence on it.--Governor Walker Some don't get it, but they never will.

Loves me the caps.

Fourth is a time of celebration, but also of gratitude By Ben Stein "America is essentially a dream."  A decade ago, I heard Martin Luther King Jr. say that in a recorded speech, and it has stuck with me as we near Independence Day 2...

Penn and Teller explain what the flag represents and what it means. Note that it does not only apply to the left.

Some 4th of July links if you love your country. If you don't, well, keep trying to figure out how to fix it, since you're so damn smart.

5 of the top 6 selling DVDs at Amazon are The Dukes of Hazzard.  Again, I hate to defend that flag, but at some point, people have to realize that free speech protects it, just like it protects bakeries f...

By the way, how ingenious does Doug, Gord, and Craig look by admitting the bullpen was worn down, bringing in a pair of fresh arms, and immediately letting one of them pitch the final two innings of a blowout in Cincy, in effect, giving the relief...

Feliz will clear waivers, of course, but is an interesting guy solely for his velocity, which has been incredibly consistent the past three seasons (93.6-93.7). He's a nice project for 29 clubs.

Rewrite history all you want. You do so because the truth is extremely damning to the left. And those of you that tolerate a fool like George Takei are part of the problem. The fact he's a loyal Dem pardons the fact he's an ignorant bigot? This ...

One of my all time favorite logos. Some do not like it, because they hate all things patriotic. I'm glad they're not on ...

The Rambling wife and son went to a fireworks show, but I chose to skip it, because while I enjoy lights in the sky; I do not like bugs, gatherings, or changing out of my stay at home clothes. She just texted me to say it is cooling off and I sho...

The cable feed died, so I turned on the radio, and Joe Block points out Tyler Cravy was Rule 5 eligible, but no one took him, despite being an all star last season. Thankfully, he doesn't throw hard.

While many think that half the teams in MLB should be trading their veterans for youngsters (because rebuilding takes the pressure off, they think), only two teams in baseball, MIL and PHIL, are 10+ games out of the 2nd wildcard spot. That means e...

Italics are my previous thoughts, regular font is what I added today. --Listed in order of likelihood to be traded, in my opinion, of course. Kyle Lohse--in last year of contract, will not be given a qualifying offer, so team has to move him...

I hope Rogers gets some playing time at 3B in AAA, though I may be the only one remaining who thinks he would be fine, albeit slightly below average, at the hot corner. With Ramirez on fire and defending nicely, that's a likely spot for a player ...

The contrarian way…I’m in today in a deserted office, off on Monday.   You have taught me well.   Jason

Happy Birthday to the finest nation ever designed. 239? Looking as good as ever. A special thank you to those who defend her, many are far away from home this holiday weekend.

Knebel and Rogers to AAA, Cravy and Goforth return. Knebel reeks of needing a break/fresh arm, as he has been effective; 2.95 ERA, 8 K/9, 2.7 K/BB ratio, though he is limited a bit by rarely going back to back and rarely pitching more than an inn...

Al, Two things. One, you should update your list of trade candidates, as some are doing better or worse. Also, do that today, as I'm in a usually bustling 20 person office with 3 others. Two, just finished reading a thread that insists the Brewer...

Many of the perennial rebuilders would happily trade Lucroy for a handful of magic beans. I would not, because Bethancourt hasn't even shown the ability to hit as well as Maldy, and while I would love to add a couple good arms and a good C prospec...

Amen. But that's free speech. Yes, yes it is. 

I think this is really funny myself. Those "offended" are likely offended a lot, by nothing.


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