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Blog Details

Name: Gaslamp Ball
Description: A blog about the San Diego Padres by three Padres fans since '76.
URL: http://www.gaslampball.com
RSS Feeds: San Diego Padres - http://www.gaslampball.com/rss/index.rdf
Related Team(s): Padres
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2005-03-22 17:45:11
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James Shields AKA The Old School Soul is your new favorite Padre

I like this James Shields guy. — Gaslamp Ball (@gaslampball) February 28, 2015 SportsCenter i...

Spring Training Update For February 27

In today's update, we have a lot of first basemen, some live batting practice, and a Hall of Famer dropping by camp. So remember how Carlos Quentin brought a first baseman's glove to camp? He's not the only ...

AJ Preller assures MLB Tonight's Sam Ryan that he gets "more than" three hours of sleep per night

Ever since AJ Preller came to San Diego, he's had a reputation of being something of an insomniac. AJ Preller says he's operating on 2 hrs of sleep. His 1st objective as #Padres GM? "Get dinner."

Padres uniforms the second worst uniforms in MLB

According to ESPN and Uni Watch the Padres no longer have the worst uniforms in Major League Baseball.  I'm pretty certain that as long as Uni Watch has been doing their rankings, the Padres have been dead last the entire time.  B...

Justin Upton looks crazy sexy in brown Padres pinstripes

The Padres released their first look at the brown late 80's throwback pinstripes that the team will be wearing on their 5 Way Back Wednesdays this season.  Justin Upton looks so on point, it's ridic.  It doesn't seem right that we...

12 Matt Stairs facts you oughta know

Beloved everyman Matt Stairs turns 47 today. In honor of his birthday, here are 16 facts you should know about our ever-quotable, beer-swilling international hero: 1. Why 12? Because he wore that number with over half of the teams he playe...


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