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Blog Details

Name: McCovey Chronicles
Description: Giants, Giants, Giants
URL: http://www.mccoveychronicles.com
RSS Feeds: San Francisco Giants - http://www.mccoveychronicles.com/rss/index.rdf
Related Team(s): Giants
Related Sports(s): Baseball
Date Added: 2005-02-17 15:23:31
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Giants lose, Dodgers win

The second half will continue until morale improves. The Dodgers hit a home run, and the Giants didn’t. * * * Okay. I’ve calmed down.

The biggest problem with the Giants’ bullpen might be their lineup

Giants relievers enter more close games than any in baseball. You’ll never believe how that’s working out. The Giants’ bullpen has not be an asset this year. They’ve blown leads they should have held, and they’ve done it over and ...

Buster Posey is probably the best defensive catcher in baseball

ESPN thinks Buster Posey has the best glove, and the stats suggest he has the best arm. So it's settled, then. Buster Posey is in his eighth major league season somehow. He’s made four All-Star teams. He’s won three Silver Slugger awar...

SF Giants Minor Lines, 8/23

The "Ugh! Baseball" edition. Timing is everything. Take the following play. This would be a heck of a highlight for the night, had it not come at the conclusion of a game-losing four-run rally: ...

Giants lose, Dodgers win

The Giants are two games back in the NL West, and I’m not sure how they’re even that close. Something you can remember is that you hated those other Giants teams, too. You hated them in 2010 when they couldn’t beat the Padres. You hat...

Gregor Blanco placed on DL, Gorkys Hernandez called up

The Giants have listened to the winds of change Remember yesterday, when I pointed out that Hunter Pence was having the worst month of any Giants regular? That was true, but the key word was "regular." If you expanded the search to, say, 25...

The Giants are playing the Dodgers in the most important series in baseball history

That might be hyperbole, but can you really take that risk? What bugs me the most about the Dodgers, other than their stupid faces, is how they’re in first place. There were 17 teams that passed on Corey Seager. That’s nothing compared ...

Why is Brandon Belt striking out so much now?

His strikeout rate had dramatically improved in the first half, but now it has even more dramatically unimproved Brandon Belt deservingly made the All-Star team for the first time this year, and after playing in the game, immediately went i...

McCovey Chroncast #37 - Still In First Place! (Wild Card Edition)

The Giants lead the Wild Card and lead all of MLB in losing during the second half of the season. But the Giants are set to face off against their rivals with a chance to reclaim the division. Will this be the Giants' final hour... or their...

SF Giants Minor Lines, 8/22

Austin Slater is. Out. Of. His. Gourd! The calendar is counting down, and it's getting to that time of year when we look back on what's been, rather than forward to what will be. So to start off our retrospecting, let's try some Minor Line...


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